Оur activities

Tilda Publishing
When we established the Department of Reproductive Medicine, we pursued two goals:

  1. To develop and optimize medical examination and treatment protocols for our patients, i.e. to introduce the fastest ways of gathering information that would help us to diagnose patients as well as to choose infertility treatment methods. Unfortunately, in reality it often comes to an unreasonable at best or, at worst, even dangerous waste of patients' time on unnecessary tests, on repeat surgeries, on the treatment of non-existing diseases, etc. In our everyday efforts, we try to act as "stylists" and cut out all the redundancies so that we could see the real problem and find the fastest way to solve it;
  2. To create a TEAM of doctors. So that you could "browse" through us and realize that we are all on the same wavelength and work in one direction with equal eagerness. But this is for you to judge!