This method has demonstrated its efficacy but only regarding separate groups of patients:
1. Couples that for some reason experience difficulties with their regular sex life (psychosexual disorders, erectile dysfunction, azoospermia in case the couple has decided to use donor sperm, partners living on different continents etc.). In other words, these are the situations when we "provide" couples with regular sex life, in the popular sense of the word.
2. Single women who have decided to get pregnant using donor sperm.
These are, as a matter of fact, all the patients we can have in this case. Insemination in the natural cycle in case of couples with active sex life has shown practically no results!
There are two necessary additions to be made:
1. Such «diagnoses» as infertility of undefined origin, mild forms of endometriosis and mild male factor are no indications for insemination.
2. There is no such treatment method as «Folliculometrying». It is a totally useless and, worst of all, an extremely dangerous game that can carry away both the patient and the doctor. We had cases when women would bring images of follicles, yellow bodies and the endometrium for EACH cycle over 2-4 years. This is an UNFORGIVABLE waste of time! There is certain sense in a one-time US examination of a patient in the middle of her cycle, but that is it!