Russia – Belarus. Sharing experience

In November, 2015 a new clinic for IVF was opened in Vitebsk, being the first one in town as well as in the whole north-western region of Belarus. The clinic is overseen by Israeli scientists – the best-known fertility and embryology specialists Professor Dov Feldberg and Yona Barak.

Our colleague, Ilya Volodyaev, was invited to give a lecture on modern fertilization techniques at the conference at Vitebsk State Medical University that was dedicated to the opening of the Bina clinic.

In February, 2016 the first IVF cycles were carried out at Bina clinic in Vitebsk. Along with the overseers of the clinic, the Israeli specialists Dov Feldberg and Jona Barak, our colleague Ilya Volodyaev was also invited to participate in the conduct of the first cycles. The cooperation resulted in the first pregnancies.
Ilya Volodyaev's colleagues who worked on the start-up of the Bina clinic are:
Professor Feldberg - a surgeon, a gynecologist, a urologist, an oncofertility specialist, one of the pioneers of IVF in Israel and Head of the IVF Department at Rabin Medical Centre since 1985 (learn more…).

Professor Feldberg is the author of a large number of scientific papers:

Doctor Barak - an embryologist, one of the creators of IMSI, one of the pioneers of PICSI and embryo vitrification, the creator of a number of culture media, Ex-President of the Association of ALPHA-scientists in Reproductive Medicine. She is also one of the pioneers of IVF in Israel. She started up more than 20 clinics in different countries and personally "created" more than 30.000 children (learn more…).

Doctor Barak is the author of a large number of scientific papers: