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The programme with oocyte donor stimulation

In this case, a couple or a patient chooses a specific woman, whereafter we reserve her for this very couple/patient and choose a tentative date for the beginning of stimulation. Since women must necessarily rest for 3-4 cycles between donations, in some cases we have to wait for some time. It is of utmost importance, since we not only want to obtain oocytes from the woman, but also want her to remain healthy. As soon as the stimulation is started, we inform the couple about the beginning of the programme, send for the husband on the day of the donor’s puncture and then either freeze the embryos or proceed to an embryo transfer if we have entered the programme in a synchronous cycle. Generally, we prepare 1-2 embryos for transfer, while the others, with the couple’s permission, are frozen. They can be utilized in case of a transfer failure or in a year after the delivery.